Arcadia Early Music Academy

Buxtehude & Co.

17th century music from Germany and Poland

Arcadia Summer 2017 will focus on the music from Germany and Poland, around the figure of Dietrich Buxtehude, who influenced the musical life of north Europe.

We will focus on the work of Buxtehute and some contemporaries of him, like the lesser known Georg Böhm, who was a prominent organist and composer operating in Lüneburg, Polish/German composer Kaspar Förster (from Gdańsk, or Danzig in German) and Marcin Mielczewski.

Vocal/instrumental works will be performed the whole week and presented to the public at the end of the course in the beautiful palace in Koszęcin.


We will work on a selection of music around Buxtehude, Böhm and Polish contemporaries. Here is a little appetizer of Georg Böhm’s music:


Concert pitch will be a= 440 Hz.
We prefer period instruments.

For whom?

Voices: Sopranos, Altos, Tenors, Basses (ripieni singers and soloists)
Instruments: strings (including viola da gamba), flutes, trombones, dulcian, harpsichord/organ, theorbo.

Week program

7 August: Arrival of the participants and welcome in the evening
8-12 August: see day program
13 August: participants concert
14 August: departure after breakfast

Day program

10-13h: morning session
13:30: Lunch
15-18: afternoon session

please note that the times are indicative and may change at the courses

Not included in the fees: travels, extra drinks, single room (surcharge of 80,- EUR)



  • Full time course
  • accommodation in double rooms
  • 3 meals per day



  • Full time course

  • Accommodation in double rooms
  • 3 meals per day

Polscy uczestnicy

zl. 1.200,-

  • Kurs,
  • zakwaterowanie w pokojach 2 osobowych,
  • pełne wyzywienie (3 posiłki)

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This course is organized in partnership with Zespół Pieśni i Tańca Śląsk im. Stanisława Hadyny, with support of the Polish Ministery of Culture

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